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How Symphony Effectively Air Cooled the Kent RO Facility in Noida

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September 14, 2020

KENT RO is the market leader in water purification solution. The company utilizes its patented multiple-stage purification process to remove impurities, bacteria and viruses and provide 100% pure and natural mineral rich water. The manufacturing plant measures 20,000 sq. ft and is based in Noida. However, this facility was exposed to North India’s warm and impure air conditions. This adversely affected the productivity and health of the workers. Cooling this large space efficiently and ensuring that the employees breathe cool, fresh air at minimum power consumption was a major challenge faced by the water purifying company.
The Kent RO team needed a team of experts who could advise them well about the steps to be taken further and provide end-to-end solutions. Symphony being the market leader in the air cooling solutions space and the only air cooler company to provide industrial air cooling solutions took up this mammoth task.
Our team of experts did a free site survey of the manufacturing plant and assessed the problems faced by them and accordingly design customized solutions. The team recommended deploying Symphony PAC 18 Industrial Air Coolers to provide adequate cooling in the given area. PAC 18 Coolers deliver low noise and powerful filtered airflow that ensure a cool and dust-free environment around the clock.
The results:
By deploying 48 Symphony PAC 18 coolers, we ensured that every inch of this vast space of 20,000 sq. ft was cooled. This reduced the dust build-up in the manufacturing unit, resulting in completely clean, healthy and filtered air. As compared to air conditioners, close to 80% less energy was used. In other words, air coolers only consumed one-tenth of the power required for a conventional air conditioner. Kent RO benefited because:
1. The operating cost of an air cooler was low.
2. They spent less on maintenance of the air cooler.
3. Close to 80% less power was consumed.
4. Minimal ducting was used to avoid load on the structure.
5. Productivity increased exponentially as an optimum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius was maintained throughout the plant.
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