How to control the indoor temperatures of your factory?

How to control the indoor temperatures of your factory?

How to control the indoor temperatures of your factory?

A factory, manufacturing or production facility is usually a large complex with several departments, multiple levels and complex machinery constantly at work. As the machines work round the clock they generate enormous amounts of heat which result in a high indoor working temperature. This causes sweat, discomfort and reduced productivity amongst the workers. To cool down the indoors of a factory, an adequate cooling solution is required.

However, cooling a large workspace is a challenge as it is difficult to set up a cooling solution that is efficient and cost-effective at the same time. With the manufacturing output rising in the post-COVID era, it is imperative to have a cooling solution within the factory. Here are some of the challenges that could be faced in case of high indoor working temperatures in the factory:

  1. Heat stress on physical health: A study by Parsons University indicates that temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius can cause dehydration and can damage a person’s respiratory functions. Excessive working temperatures can cause permanent impairment to bodily functions. Thus, high indoor working temperatures are physically harmful to the worker in the factory.
  2. Effects on mental health: In a study by notable researcher Dr Alana Hansen, it was established that there is a positive association between ambient working temperature above a threshold of 26.7 degrees Celsius and hospital admissions. There is an increase of 7.3% for mental and behavioral disorders like symptomatic mental disorders; mood affective disorders; neurotic and stress-related disorders in case of high working temperatures.
  3. Impact on productivity: Studies show that excess heat, poor working conditions and depletion in the health of the employees can reduce the productivity by 12%. This eventually impacts the overall output generated by the unit.

To address these challenges, an adequate cooling solution is needed in a factory. For large and open spaces like a factory interior, Symphony’s industrial air cooling solution are the ideal cooling solution. They not only cool large open spaces, but are quite cost-efficient in terms of installation and working. Here are some of the benefits of Symphony’s Industrial air cooling solutions:

  1. Cools open areas: Industrial air cooling systems are not restricted to enclosed spaces. Open spaces for raw material storage and finished goods storage areas, large shop floors can be easily air cooled with the help of Symphony’s industrial air coolers.
  2. Low maintenance and running costs: Air coolers are weather-resistant and require less maintenance. The capital cost of installing an Industrial air cooling system is one-fifth of an air conditioning system. Moreover, it consumes 90% less electricity than air conditioners.
  3. Eco-friendly solution: Air coolers are eco-friendly cooling solution as they do not emit any harmful gases. The system is designed on the principle of evaporative air which efficiently uses water to disperse cool air.
  4. Healthy cooling solution: Industrial air coolers circulate 100% fresh and filtered air into the factories. The air is moisturous, and thus prevents irritation of skin due to dryness. It is the ideal cooling solution on the shop floor of the factory, where large amount of heat is generated due to the working of machinery.

Symphony recently air cooled 51,000 sq. ft. of the Turbine Factory of L&T at Hazira, Surat. With the help of Symphony’s Industrial air cooling solutions, the massive amounts of heat generated were reduced. 15 units of Symphony’s Industrial air coolers were installed which created a healthy working environment, increased employee productivity and at the same time reduced energy consumption and electrical costs.

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