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What makes working at Symphony so incredibly worth it?

At Symphony, you will find a level of entrepreneurial freedom and empowerment that boosts employee confidence and morale. Your voice will not get lost under hierarchical layers. Rather, a down to earth leadership culture and access to management will enable your opinion to be heard.

Here, you’ll flourish in an environment that is result-oriented and encourages free exchange of ideas & ethical conduct. And along the way, you’ll discover the passion and drive of our employees. Our work ethos and people care policies are geared towards making everybody part of the Symphony family.

Integral features of
everyday life
at Symphony


As we grow, we pride ourselves on nurturing leaders from within. Many of our senior leaders have grown through the ranks at Symphony over the past 25+ years. Here, every individual has the opportunity to learn, contribute his or her talent and ideas to outperform the industry and experience exceptional growth.


Symphony is the world's #1 air cooling company and has been cooling the world since 1939.


Our constant pursuit towards better cooling has resulted in technologically advanced air coolers.


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