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Delivering maximised cooling with minimum investment: The organized sector advantage
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The Client

Varsha Industries is a floor tiles, sanitary ware, & bathroom faucets retailer based in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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The Challenge

Varsha Industries’ flagship showroom required a central air cooling system. The company had initially considered a split air-conditioning system but decided to go with air coolers so that the showroom doors could be left open. This ‘open door’ policy had been a key part of the company’s strategy to make customers feel welcome. Efficiently cooling 1,800 square feet of showroom space while maintaining a dust-free environment was the primary challenge. Maintaining low temperatures with minimum power consumption was the other key requirement.


  • Replaced 8 AC units of 2 ton capacity with 2 PAC 06TC air coolers.
  • Power consumption of 2KWh vis-à-vis 16KWh of an AC
  • Achieved indoor temperatures of 27C across 1800 sq. ft
  • Open-door dust-free environment
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The Solution

A slew of bad experiences with local assemblers had left the company skeptical of air cooling. It was looking for an established, organized player and got in touch with Symphony’s central air cooling solutions team. Being a well-known brand and the world leader in air cooling, helped induce confidence in the customer. Symphony’s air cooling experts carried out a detailed site evaluation and assessment exercise. Symphony suggested an effective and cost-efficient solution whereby it covered the entire space and kept operating costs low. Keeping minimum bends and maximum efficiency the central air cooling system was able to throw air up to 55 feet from each machine. With an innovative implementation layout, the showroom was able to maintain a cool and dust-free environment around the clock.

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The Results

The central air cooling solution helped reduce indoor temperatures to 270C. It would have taken 8 AC units of 2 ton capacity to cool the space that Symphony air cooled with 2 PAC 06TC coolers. While a split air-conditioning system would have consumed 16KWh on full load to deliver this effect, Symphony’s solution achieved it with just 2 KWh.

Having gained maximum cooling with minimum investments, the customer is delighted with the results. The showroom is now cooled to a comfortable temperature while the doors remain open to welcome customers throughout the day.

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