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How Symphony pioneered the industrial air cooling market

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September 03, 2020

At Symphony, we always think forward. We understand how important ventilation is for our bodies to function. That’s why we strive to provide comfortable cooling that is hygienic. Health has always been the top-most priority for us. Today, in the times of pandemic, air cooling has proven to be a healthier solution. One such area which we felt could benefit with our air cooling solutions were industries.
While some workspaces can be effectively cooled with the help of air conditioners, manufacturing plants, factory units, warehouses etc. cannot be air conditioned effectively because of large open spaces. The on-ground workforce in these factories have to manage their jobs in extremely high temperatures. This in turn, affects their productivity. A report by IIM Ahmedabad stated that Increased level of thermal comfort at workplaces can improve worker productivity by 12 per cent. Today, even in the times of pandemic, air cooling has proved to be a healthier solution.
We saw this as a virgin market with huge potential. Since factories contain assembly lines, heavy machineries, boilers and furnaces, which generate a lot of heat, air cooling is the only cooling solution. Air coolers also find applications in warehouses that need to store material at controlled temperatures. In large commercial space and retail malls which have expansive open areas, industrial air coolers are the only workable cooling solution.
Hence, with an aim to maintain good health of the workers and give them the much-needed respite from heat, we designed air coolers specifically for large work spaces. Apart from the health benefits, our air-cooling solutions have helped businesses reduce their working capital as air coolers consume up to 90% less electricity as compared to air conditioners. Due to its simple technique of evaporation, it is also an eco-friendly solution as it doesn’t emit any harmful gases. The air-cooling units designed by Symphony are made from weather resistant, UV stabilized, engineering plastic body that prevents corrosion and ensures durability. Symphony’s range of Industrial Air Coolers are designed to provide superior performance in warm workplace settings. It is ideal for factories, offices, schools, malls, assembly halls, warehouses, metro stations, hospitals, places of worship, amongst others applications. Interestingly, wherever central air conditioning is used, there is potential of using central air cooling or ducted air coolers.
A solution that we made in India was soon adopted by over 60 countries globally including US, Ireland, the UK, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa. Till date, Symphony has completed over a million installations successfully around the world. Our clientele includes leading Textile, Auto, FMCG, Healthcare, Retail & Hospitality, Engineering, Logistics & Warehousing, Chemical, Consumer Durable companies among many others. Some of the best brands that we have worked with are Walmart, GE, Ford, Coca Cola, Nestle, Asian Paints, Marico, Reliance Petroleum, Patanjali, Flipkart, Indian Railways and many more.
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At Symphony, we feel proud to take the lead in catering to this market that has a large unmet demand. We look forward to growing in this segment and serving our clients better.
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