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Advantages of central air cooling

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Improved Productivity

Constant influx of fresh air ensures an air cooled space and prevents allergies caused by poor ventilation.

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Improved Staff Morale

Better working conditions at the workplace result in better staff morale.

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Improved Air Quality

With an increase in worker’s productivity, your business is bound to flourish.

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Improved Air

As per IIMA Research, worker’s productivity can be enhanced up to 12% by increasing the level of thermal comfort.

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Save on Electricity Power

Consumption is typically reduced by 2/3rd of the refrigerated air.

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Save on Initial Cost

Estimated cost of installation is significantly less compared to central air conditioning.

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Save on Maintenance

Lower electricity cost means the cost of installation is recovered in 4-5 months

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Payback in 4-5 months

Only two mechanical parts in most basic coolers means they can be repaired inexpensively.

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