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Advantages of Packaged air coolers

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Ease of installation

Symphony PAC are ready-to-use units and require minimal installation. They are easy and cost effective to install.

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Honeycomb pads for effective cooling

Symphony PAC range comes with imported high efficiency honeycomb pads for improved water retention and better cooling performance.

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Economical to operate

All models of the Symphony RAG range come with Power Saver Technology, which ensures that the units deliver more CFM with less power consumption. At a fraction of the cost incurred by air conditioners, Symphony PAC are very economical and efficient to run, apart from being environmentally friendly.

Windchill effect
Windchill effect is the perceived decrease in air temperature felt by the body on exposed skin due to the flow of air.
The effect of windchill is to increase the rate of heat loss from the surface of the skin. The faster the wind speed, the more readily the surface cools. (Source: ASHRAE handbook) Symphony PAC range gives out cool air with high velocity which facilitates the Windchill Effect and we feel colder than the actual temperature of the cooled air.
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