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The ultimate cooling solution for offices? Commercial air coolers

August 11, 2017

Rising temperatures are likely to make offices and commercial spaces difficult to work in. This leads to a drop in productivity as more workers call in sick and spend less time at work.
Research suggests that the ideal temperature for an office or workplace is between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. According to a heat stress report released by NASA, temperatures that exceed this range reduce the overall output of labour by 62%.
However, bringing the temperature down to optimum levels with air conditioning is expensive for large commercial spaces. Godowns, shopfloors, factories, and other open spaces cannot be cooled with an air conditioner. A commercial air cooler offers a solution. Here are five reasons you should consider a commercial air cooler for your workplace:
1. Better suited to open commercial spaces
Air coolers are designed to work well in large, open spaces as well as small, confined areas. There’s no need to shut the doors or windows while using an air cooler. This makes air coolers a better option for factories or offices with outdoor or open areas.
2. Easier to maintain
Evaporative air coolers have fewer moving parts and a simpler design, which makes them easier to maintain. Air pressure on both sides of an air cooler is roughly equal to atmospheric pressure, which means the device will have less wear-and-tear over its lifetime. Unlike traditional air conditioners, air coolers use no chemicals or pressurized gases to cool the air. Air coolers are easier to install as well.
3. Cost effective
For commercial workspaces, a device that requires less maintenance means lower costs and higher cost-efficiency. Commercial air coolers cost less than most air conditioners. For commercial spaces and offices, air coolers therefore prove more cost effective.
4. Energy efficient
Compared to refrigeration and air conditioning, air coolers use 80% less electricity to achieve a lower ambient temperature. The process of air cooling is a lot more energy-efficient and cost-effective, which has a big impact on operational costs.
5. Eco-friendly
Air cooling is an environment-friendly, responsible method of keeping your office cool. Instead of CFCs or refrigerants, evaporative air coolers use water, which is healthier for you and safer for the environment. The cooling pads used in air coolers are made of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable materials. Air coolers consume 1/10th the power needed for most air conditioners, making them less of a burden on the energy grid and the planet’s resources.
Rising temperatures are a constant threat to productivity in offices and factories across the nation. Lowering office temperature is a necessity. Evaporative air coolers offer several advantages over air conditioners that make them a better cooling solution for small as well as large commercial spaces.
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